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Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is important at Narang Realty – with every bit that we earn, it is our responsibility to give back and we simultaneously do this with every project we take on. We build developments that enhance its surroundings and those that enrich people's lives.

How do we do this? Besides creating jobs we take care of our entire team. Our CSR projects that operate under the Hearts & Hands-on initiative include but are not limited to the following activities:

Solar Home-Lighting Systems

In the Kathkari Village, all houses are provided with solar home-lighting systems. Each set consisting of 3, 2.5 watt mobile LED lights, with individual chargers, inverters and batteries, including a mobile charging unit and one solar panel of 10 watts affixed on the roof. 1 unit for the hut, a second for the kitchen, study place or going out to relieve oneself and a third unit to be used in case a need arises to venture far from the hut at night. The total cost of providing these light systems was provided for by Heart and Hands On - a fund set up to allow for the replacement of batteries which need to be changed every 18 months with training sessions to educate with correct techniques on usage. We are proud to say we have literally brought 'light' to Katkari – a program running seamlessly and issue free.

Rebuilding of School Washrooms

The Town of Palghar, about 115 kms from Mumbai, has a Marathi medium school (1935), with 1150 girl students who had no option but to use washrooms without roofs, doors and in a filthy environment due to lack of proper facilities. Determined to improve the situation with properly built washrooms for the growing girls between 6 and 16 years of age, rebuilding began on 15th May 2012 and has been now completed by Rebuilding roofs, proper concealed drainage system, doors to all the 30 urinals and 9 toilets, store room along with wash basins and all other relevant amenities. Ample ventilation and lights, both natural and artificial have also been provided.


At Courtyard, we take forward Narang Realty and The Wadhwa Group's belief of contributing and giving back to the society. Just as we relentlessly pursue the best solutions for our clients, we also focus on the human element behind our each project. We empower our staff, stakeholders and the underprivileged to make a difference through various social responsibility initiatives.

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Project Malaria

In the months of September and August 2010, the Bombay Municipal Corporation had issued several stop work notices to several construction sites all over the city of Mumbai due to non-compliance of hygiene standards that was leading to the rapid spread of the malaria epidemic. At construction sites across the city of Mumbai, we set up medical camps for testing all the laborers on site for malaria and provided adequate care and treatment entirely free of cost to those who detected positive which proved instrumental controlling the spread of this disease and in some cases, even saving lives. In addition to these, we also make sure all precautions are taken right from fumigating the site environment to ensuring that there is no stagnant water allowed to collect. This initiative has been successfully executed and will expand annually as our initiative the 'Heart and Hands-On' grows in size.

Project Empowerment

The Vidarbha district in the state of Maharashtra is known to have the highest suicide rate in the country. The trigger cause for this unfortunate crisis is the debt trap that the farmers fall prey as they agree raise credit on very unfavorable terms. We decided to intervene and better their living conditions. We have decide to adopt a village in the Vidarbha district and look after every single need of the affected party from education of their children to counseling them how to prevent themselves from falling prey to debt, to providing them with seeds and monetary aid through micro financing schemes. The project took off in mid-2011 and is expected to double in size through funding raised by the end of 2013.

Community Park

Wadhwa Group and Narang Realty's Courtyard project offers a picturesque view of the Yeoor Hills, along with other amenities.

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"Narang Realty Private Limited ("Narang Realty"), a company owned and controlled by Gopal Narang and his family (the "Narangs"), is engaged in real estate development. The Narangs also hold 50% of the capital of Windsor Realty Private Limited ("WRPL") which is separately executing its own real estate projects. The business of WRPL is entirely independent and distinct from the business of Narang Realty."